Friday, September 26, 2014

The Maze Runner Book Review

I'm pretty sure that you all have hear about the Maze runner, specially now that it has been turn into a movie and it has been so successful that everyone is talking about it, and let's be honest if you live in New York, like me you may or may no have seen the post all around the city, subways, bus, etc. And of course all my fellows Teen wolf fans, know that our very own cutie Stiles AKA Dylan O'Brien is staring in the movie as Thomas, enough of the movie already, let's go to the book.

The Maze Runner is a  Young-adult fiction, wrote by  The New York time's best seller author James Dasher.

The book is  base on the story of a group of kids whose memories have been delete where put on a place call the maze and the only thing they know about themselves is their name, things are really in order, they have routines, everyone have their role, and this at the maze are pretty much the same everyday, but everything starts to change when Thomas shows up, everyone suspect that Thomas have something to do with it all, but what they don't know is that once they find out the truth, things will never be the same to them.

Now I have to say that I loved the book so much as you can see on the picture below it's me reading at the beach, yes that's about how amazing this book is, I went to Puerto Rico on my summer vacation and I just couldn't help myself but read it, the thrill is amazing you just want to read more and more, my obsession was so big that I had to run to my local target and buy the 2 following books, yes it's a trilogy guys, so expect my books reviews for  "The Scorch trials" and "Death Cure" anytime soon. 

What YOU think about the book?, did you watch the movie? let me know what you think here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jealous Music video premier.

So first of all I have to say that I'm a HUGE  Jonas Fan so it will not be a surprise to know that last week I was there front and center last week at Seaport to see him introduce the video and since it was his birthday we a group of lovely fans we sang Happy Birthday to the Cutie and saw him blow his candles. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NICK JONAS IS ALREADY 22 YEARS OLD?. No! he will always be 16 in our hearts.

It was a really nice evening, I went my cousin Isaura and there we met with more awesome Jonas fans like the Adorable Cassie Millet who took the video that I will put below & Paola Orozco a fellow Latina Jonas fan, and did I mention that Nick was right in front of me?, yes he was and I almost die I swear, I took a few pictures with my phone, they are not that good noticing that I'm just 5'0 tall and the girls in front of me were let's say a little taller than that, but it sure was a lot of fun, check the video below and I will also leave the Jealous music video I know that you will watch and that the song will be stuck in your head till you call your local radio station and request it, please feel free to do so.!

OH, here is a cool picture of me (Red hair), My cousin (Holding the phone with crazy eyes) and Cassie in the middle.
Video below!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why you should watch Red Bad society.

 Hi guys!, I know it has been a while since my last post but I'm back and I have so much to talk about. but First things first <<insert Iggy Azalea voice here>>  This week a new TV show call Red Band Society premiere on Fox and I have to say that the show is like nothing I have seen before, I loved every single minute of the episode I loved it so much to the point where just 60 minutes weren't enough.

The story is based in a group of kids that live in a hospital band together to make the rest of their life worth it, and  putting a side any thing that is not living in the moment and staying close to what makes them feel a live, plus there is a crazy nurse (Octavia Spencer) who will make you Laugh Out Loud, The Hot doctor (ave Annable) that will make you want to be under his treatment, The sexy and intense Latino,(Nolan Sotillo)  the mean  girl who's heart is not that cold after all (Zoe Levin) , the lonely heart who is actually the coolest guy (Charlie Rowe), the life of the party (Astro), the beautiful genius girl with an eating disorder << Rusher right here! anyone?, I love Ciara Bravo>>    and of course the cutest little thing (Griffin Gluck).

 Here are a few pictures just to prove  how much I love this show after just one episode and why you should watch it too. And if you do watch it, and I know you will, you may want to have tissues near by, just saying.