Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jealous Music video premier.

So first of all I have to say that I'm a HUGE  Jonas Fan so it will not be a surprise to know that last week I was there front and center last week at Seaport to see him introduce the video and since it was his birthday we a group of lovely fans we sang Happy Birthday to the Cutie and saw him blow his candles. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NICK JONAS IS ALREADY 22 YEARS OLD?. No! he will always be 16 in our hearts.

It was a really nice evening, I went my cousin Isaura and there we met with more awesome Jonas fans like the Adorable Cassie Millet who took the video that I will put below & Paola Orozco a fellow Latina Jonas fan, and did I mention that Nick was right in front of me?, yes he was and I almost die I swear, I took a few pictures with my phone, they are not that good noticing that I'm just 5'0 tall and the girls in front of me were let's say a little taller than that, but it sure was a lot of fun, check the video below and I will also leave the Jealous music video I know that you will watch and that the song will be stuck in your head till you call your local radio station and request it, please feel free to do so.!

OH, here is a cool picture of me (Red hair), My cousin (Holding the phone with crazy eyes) and Cassie in the middle.
Video below!