Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why you should watch Red Bad society.

 Hi guys!, I know it has been a while since my last post but I'm back and I have so much to talk about. but First things first <<insert Iggy Azalea voice here>>  This week a new TV show call Red Band Society premiere on Fox and I have to say that the show is like nothing I have seen before, I loved every single minute of the episode I loved it so much to the point where just 60 minutes weren't enough.

The story is based in a group of kids that live in a hospital band together to make the rest of their life worth it, and  putting a side any thing that is not living in the moment and staying close to what makes them feel a live, plus there is a crazy nurse (Octavia Spencer) who will make you Laugh Out Loud, The Hot doctor (ave Annable) that will make you want to be under his treatment, The sexy and intense Latino,(Nolan Sotillo)  the mean  girl who's heart is not that cold after all (Zoe Levin) , the lonely heart who is actually the coolest guy (Charlie Rowe), the life of the party (Astro), the beautiful genius girl with an eating disorder << Rusher right here! anyone?, I love Ciara Bravo>>    and of course the cutest little thing (Griffin Gluck).

 Here are a few pictures just to prove  how much I love this show after just one episode and why you should watch it too. And if you do watch it, and I know you will, you may want to have tissues near by, just saying.