Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Latest Obsession Naveya Flowering Tea.

I started to drink Naveya tea about a week ago and I'm obsessed with it!. If you follow any of my social medias you know that is true.

I love tea, I find it really lovely and peaceful to have a cup of tea while reading and you can bet that I'm sipping some tea while writing this post.

Naveya flowering tea is a natural detox tea made in New York with 100% natural ingredients and it's  perfect to drink before and after a really good workout or just early in the morning or in my case late night while  watching a 16 INNING!! baseball game at 12 something in the morning, and things aren't going the way you want for your team "Cough, Cough, Yankees"  a hot cup of tea was really helpful, plus it tastes delicious and you can make it in different ways, there is a large variety of flavors that you can try.

My favorite is Green Tea, I throw some lemon, water and flowering tea and sweat it up with honey, and goodness ! I was enchanted from the first sip. I highly recommend this tea. you can go to and make your order they also have different recipes of how you can make your tea.
So go now order your tea and tell me how much did you like, I will be trying new recipes so stay tun because I will be sharing them all with you.